Business development and growth

Blue Ltd. has extensive experience of leading marketing and business development activity. This experience has been gained primarily within the marine scientific research and environmental consulting sectors. We can help you look closely at your existing portfolio and identify new offerings; we can identify potential markets; reality check, make new introductions for you and connect with potential new clients on your behalf. We can refresh or prepare you business strategy or plan.

We design processes to assist you and your colleagues in thinking about the future; capture your growth aspirations, associated risks and necessary investments. We work with you to identify and design new market focused services and help you to unlock new opportunities. Always, making sure that we are supporting you to inspire and facilitate associated organisational change.

Some of our services are designed to particularly help Universities and Research Institutes work to devise and implement new commercialisation strategies. We have extensive experience of international research consortia building; major bid coordination, and associated negotiations. Additionally, we are able to seek project finance and grant sourcing on your behalf.