Decision support & capacity building

Aquatic common property based systems are a particular challenge when it comes to communicating and agreeing the best measures for understanding and adapting to climate change. Across and within different sectors; shipping, energy, fishing, environmental protection there are a multitude of actors, stakeholders, statutes and regulation.

Everyone has a say, and everyone has a right to be heard.

Effective sea and ocean governance is beginning to be assisted via international agreements and the evolution of marine spatial planning. However, building adaptive capacity and making sure that climate change related interventions are fit for purpose, proportional and practical is difficult and takes time.

At Blue Ltd. we understand about the uncertainty that climate change presents and are experienced at responsibly communicating what this means to people and – more importantly – listening to what they have to say. We are well known, in Government, in industry and in coastal communities. We are able to design creative and effective decision-support and capacity building programmes to help you to move forward. In designing our projects we place a high degree of emphasis on assuring that communication methods and messages take the need for equality into account; noting that it is the marginalised that are especially vulnerable to climate change.