Flood risk management

Arguably the most serious and highest profile contemporary aquatic environmental impact is flooding. Managing and mitigating flood risk touches all technical aspects of environmental sciences and water engineering and it is essential that flood management and risk be approached in a holistic and long-term manner. Tensions are naturally running high for people whose homes and livelihoods are in zones vulnerable to flooding.

We have a strong track record in environmental strategic planning. Katherine Kennedy was previously appointed by the UK Minister as the environmental advisor to Anglian Regional Flood Defence Committee, which was charged with overseeing flood defence investment decision-making across one of most vulnerable regions  in the UK. She also served on Defra’s Strategic Advisory Board for flood risk management R&D.

In close partnership with the international expertise offered by our core Associates, Sayers and Partners, Blue Ltd is able to offer internationally recognised technical flood management and engineering expertise, alongside leading skills in environmental conflict resolution and stakeholder engagement. Currently, no topic more than flooding needs closer alignment of soft and hard management skills.