Impacts & adaptation

The impacts, consequences and outcomes of climate change across aquatic systems are complex and wide ranging. The task of auditing and agreeing impacts and assessing potential intensity is further complicated by the fact that many impacts are linked. Across aquatic systems, we are seeing evidence of climate driven changes to water quality, ecosystems, species distribution and circulation. In turn such changes have a strong potential to effect peoples health and livelihoods.

At Blue Ltd. we have already worked a great deal on auditing, assessing and communicating the impacts of marine and coastal climate change; as evidenced in particular by our ground-breaking work whilst at Cefas to establish the UK marine climate change impacts partnership – In tandem with Our Core Associates, Blue Ltd can take a full review of the likely impacts of climate change on your interests and help you to think about what this means for you now and in the future.

In order to try to avoid the potentially harmful consequences of climate change; people, businesses and communities will need to adjust and adapt their lifestyles and business practices in order to moderate or avoid harm. Blue Ltd. is able to work with you at each intervention stage necessary to assure effective climate change adaptation. We have worked on international and national policy instruments, at embedding climate change into planning processes, on business strategy and on community cohesion across the aquatic environment.