Partnership building

Partnership working, the sharing of ideas, skills and budgets is salient to all areas of sustainable development. Whether you are embarking on a commercial venture, or trying to get a new environmental programme up and running. The P word is critical… Here at Blue Ltd. working in partnership is not just about identifying and exploring common goals or values; its also about doing the background due diligence, negotiating contractuals and making sure the investment and revenue model is durable.

In 2005, Katherine Kennedy our Managing Director, led the design, development, negotiations and institutional strengthening necessary to establish the now global renowned UK Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership. She was accountable for programme delivery for the first five years of its inception. Getting this project off the ground was a huge team effort involving a wide variety of highly committed people from across the United Kingdom marine sector. The project was nominated for a Civil Service Science & Technology Award in 2010, and still goes from strength to strength.

We are interested in establishing and assisting aquatic focused commercial and environmental partnerships that are enduring. That last decades, not months. And we know exactly how to go about this.