When things go wrong

Aquatic environments are unpredictable and – with the best will in the world – sometimes projects go wrong. The team falls over, the methodology fails, the data is poor, the budget is burned, critical stakeholders are omitted, the funding gets pulled…

At Blue Ltd as well as having extensive experience of designing, executing and managing successful projects and programmes. We also have strong track record in project recovery. We focus on providing the necessary soft skills to identify and tease out problems closely coupled with quantitative examination of the metrics, project scheduling and project deliverables. We undertake a 360°review of your assignment, and then work with you to put things right.

Blue Ltd. project recovery services include attention to both the internal workings of the project and also its external profile. We have long standing experience in delivering environmental conflict resolution and mediation services and have worked to positive resolution with a very wide range of different aquatic stakeholders. In all instances our resolution process are purpose built to directly address client requirements.